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At least three in four people in the United States have periodontal or gum diseases of some sort. This harmful infection damages the jawbone and gum tissues. Those who have gingivitis or periodontitis must continually manage the condition, but often have trouble taking care of it at home. As a result, the damage gets worse and can lead to teeth falling out, bone loss and other systemic diseases.

Fortunately, there’s a way to care for your gingivitis or periodontitis at home using Perio Protect®. By combining this treatment with in-office care, such as regular teeth cleanings, it can prevent gum disease from getting worse by fighting the buildup and spread of bacteria in your mouth. Visit one of our Perio Protect dentists to get more details about this advanced concept.

What’s the Perio Protect Method?

Perio Protect is an extensive, yet noninvasive, gum disease treatment. Since there’s no cure for periodontitis or gingivitis, treatment requires repeated procedures to reach deep below the gumline to remove damaged tissues and bacteria. Typically, this consists of frustrating and painful surgery, tooth scaling and root planing. And, the wounds they create make you vulnerable to more bacterial growth.

Perio Protect treatment is backed by technology and proven with research. It involves the use of customized Perio Trays and prescription medicine. The results could even keep you from needing invasive procedures.

The custom trays have a patented seal that prevents the medication you place inside from leaking out of the tray pockets. Similar to mouthguards, they hold the medication in place, which kills the bacteria below your gumline. This approach allows the medicine to reach where mouthwash, toothbrushes and dental floss can’t. The medicine contains a 1.7% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which fully cleans the periodontal pockets where the bacteria grow, keeping them from building up again.

When Are the Results of Perio Protect Noticeable?

Your specific gum disease, how far it has progressed and your Perio Protect length of treatment will determine when you begin to see results. Our dentist will make a mold of your mouth, which we’ll send to a lab that will customize the internal seals in your Perio Trays so they’re effective for your situation. We’ll also determine how long and frequently you’ll need to wear the trays to attain the best Perio Protect results.

In general, the maintenance treatment involves wearing the Perio Trays for 10 to 15 minutes each day. To get the gum disease under control, however, you might start the treatment by using the trays multiple times per day. When your condition improves, our dentist will scale back your tray use so that you can continue to keep the bacteria under control.

Based on Perio Protect reviews, most patients who use this treatment would recommend it to others. Most of them see results after only six months. Also, trials and research show that 75% of people have less gum bleeding, and up to 90% of bacteria are eliminated. Arrange a consultation with one of our experienced dentists to learn more about what to expect from this effective treatment.

Are There Advantages of Using Perio Protect?

There are several advantages of undergoing treatment with Perio Protect in West Chester. The most important ones are that the trays are less invasive, more comfortable and more effective at controlling bacteria than traditional invasive procedures. If your condition requires surgery to reduce the infection, the trays are a welcome complement to your treatment afterward.

Since the trays effectively reduce bacteria, they lower the risk of other systemic health conditions, including heart disease, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and respiratory disease. Furthermore, in Perio Protect reviews, patients rave about having whiter teeth and fresher breath.

What Special Training Do Perio Protect Dentists Need?

Not every dental office can offer Perio treatment. In fact, not all dentists have ever heard of or had the chance to learn about this effective method. Through self-study courses, webinars, meetings and seminars, dentists can learn the capabilities and restrictions of this treatment. Also, they learn how to incorporate the trays and medication into patients’ existing gum treatment plans.

How Much Does Perio Protect Cost?

No two people have the same Perio Protect cost because the treatment varies according to each person’s needs. Your price will depend on how much medicine you use and how often you need to use it. You can find out more about affordable Perio Protect from one of our skilled dentists.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Perio Protect?

Your Perio Protect cost will also depend on whether or not your insurance benefits include coverage for it. Call your provider to see if your policy includes Perio Protect treatment code D5994.

Is Perio Protect Ideal for Everyone?

If you suffer from periodontitis or gingivitis and want to avoid invasive procedures, being treated with Perio Protect in West Chester may be the right solution. Schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable Perio Protect dentists to find out if you’re a candidate.

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